Sold home for removal

My house in Chirnside Park was removed by Country Express Homes by the due date. I really appreciate the efforts made by Nick for getting the job done on time. I would definitely & strongly recommend Nick for their reliability & great service. Well done.

Amarjit Singh
Very happy customer

How do I put such a massive THANK YOU into words? How do two little words, 'Thank you' cover it? We met purely due to your care and decency and my very fortunate luck! I would soon have lost my farm, if you hadn't stepped in to help, not only with product, labour, constant emotional support and mentoring, but also the recommendation of reliable tradesmen. I cannot thank you more for showing me there are business people, not just house relocators such as yourself, that operate with pride, care, concern, integrity, honesty. My grandfather taught me, ‘Say what you mean and mean what you say.’ I can sincerely say I would only ever recommend you as a house relocator. I am forever thankful.

Ellie Mitterer
4th relocation with CXH!

We are in the process of moving our fourth removal home with Country Express Homes & can't believe how smoothly things are going so far. After two homes in Millgrove and a beautiful home in Yarra Junction, I had so many people say it seemed like those homes had always been there. That's thanks to Nick & the team at CXH & their decoration, paint finishes and landscaping they completed.

Martin & Nijole
Happy Customers :)

Thanks to Nick & Country Express Homes we now live in a beautiful Federation house, transported from Caulfield to Panton Hill. The daunting task of moving a double storey home was made hassle free through Nick's diligence.

Paul & Michelle