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Developing a property or re-developing your own property?
Have you considered selling your existing house for relocation?
Country Express Homes are house removal and relocation professionals. We will do it all for you.


Sell Your House

Whether you love your home and wish to take it with you to a new location, or sell it and rebuild at your current address, Country Express Homes have expert project delivery for clients selling their home for relocation around Victoria and NSW, and more recently, South Australia. Unlike competitors who offer to sell your home with no guarantee it will sell, we commit to buy your home and remove it, regardless of having a buyer or not. We give you our decision, thereby offering you peace of mind and the ability to get on with planning your new home without the stress of months of worry, wondering if your home will sell.

As HIA members, we offer quality customer service, workmanship and guarantees and take care of the entire process from start to finish.

Relocation process for selling your home for relocation:
  • We meet onsite to assess your home and make sure it's structurally sound and suitable for relocation.
  • If you're interested in taking your home with you to a new location as a new family or holiday home, we will inspect your land and make sure the home can be moved easily. We can also assist you in finding a suitable block. We liaise with the local Council regarding their requirements.
  • If we commit to buy your home, we will negotiate the price and draw up a Contract of Sale and begin the planning process.
  • We prepare the land for the home, level the site, install the new stumps and ensure clear access for delivery of the home.
  • Upon settlement we will prepare the home for transportation and remove it to its new location.
  • The home is given a brand new roof and we begin the renovation and extension process as and when required. We can do the work ourselves as HIA members, or you can organise your own trades.
  • We can also complete all outbuildings, landscaping and driveways if required.
  • Site clean up and hand over.

For further information about selling or moving your home to a new location, or to discuss your needs, contact us to organise an onsite consultation.

Property Developers

Country Express Homes have extensive experience with buying existing homes for relocation purposes and in many cases have buyers already lined up from our contacts looking to purchase a home for relocation. We'll meet with you onsite and let you know on the spot whether the house is structurally sound and suitable for removal and advise of the steps involved.

  • Initial consultation & site appraisal
  • Planning
  • Preparation, removal and transportation of the house
  • Site clean up

For further information about removing a home for redevelopment purposes, contact us to organise an onsite consultation.